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You ever wonder how often Bucky told Steve he surrounded them with a team of insane people? Cause I do. 

The Howling Commados do not get NEARLY enough love

I’m holding out hope that there are gonna be a lot of Howling Commandos flashbacks in Agent Carter. Or just more of the Commandos being awesome post-war.

I need to reblog this because I think we need to take a second to appreciate each of their faces in that last gif…

Bucky’s the epitome of "That pleases me; good job, Dernier. I’m glad that worked."

Even STEVE gets a little smile on the end, like, "Heh, that Dernier and his bomb shenanigans."

But then there’s Gabe who just sort of shakes his head like that Frenchie, swear to God. He’s like five. Because you KNOW Dernier was closest to Gabe and so Gabe’s just like, "I love ya but for god’s sakes…" (Kind of like Bucky with Steve)

But out of all those reactions, I don’t know whose I love more: Falsworth’s or Dugan’s.

Because Falsworth doesn’t even look remotely phased. He looks like he could be zoning off and thinking about pudding or tea or other English stuff like the true sir he is.

But then there’s Dum Dum. And Dum Dum’s just like, OOH IT WENT BANG HAR HAR HAR HAR

I kind of badly want a crossover between the Howlin’ Commandos and the Inglorious Basterds.

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